How to Install 13 Clowns Kodi

The 13 Clowns Kodi addon is a multi-source addon built from the Exodus Redux code base. 13 Clowns uses the new community scraper project, Civitas Scrapers.

Alongside 13 Clowns in the same repository is the Zanni Kodi addon. Zanni is identical to 13 Clowns but with a more family-friendly theme for those who didn’t like the clown images used in 13 Clowns. You can install either 13 Clowns or Zanni and get the exact same addon.

Not sure what this all means? Keep reading for all of the details!

So, why 13 Clowns vs Exodus Redux?

Kodi addons are made up of three separate parts:

  1. The Scraper
  2. The Resolver
  3. The Search Engine

The 13 Clowns or Exodus Redux addons (or any other addon) is the search engine. It’s job is to search and query movie and TV titles. In the case of Exodus and other multi-source addons, it uses Trakt, TMDB, and TVDM databases to present movies and titles in playlists such as “most popular” or “trending movies”.

When you search or query a title, the Kodi addon searches through scrapers, which are websites on the internet that contain links to media files. The scraper used by 13 Clowns is Civitas Scrapers, which has quickly become the most popular set of scrapers for Kodi.

Exodus Redux is still using the old LambdaScrapers project, which has been abandoned and is not receiving updates any longer.

After showing you a list of media files, the one you pick to play is passed off to a resolver. The resolver module is ResolveURL, which is a collection of instructions on how to navigate through file hosts to get out the raw video file.

13 Clowns Latest Version

January 14th: The 13 Clowns Kodi addon has been updated to v1.3 with the following changes:

  • LambdaScrapers has been removed/discontinued.
  • Civitas Scrapers has been added – new community based scrapers project
  • Navigation changes: hide almost anything or customize it to your liking.
  • Fixed episode displaying
  • Monthly/Favorite movies changes so that monthly added updates are not needed, done remotely.
  • Added cartoon collection
  • It is highly recommended to use your own APIs: TVDb, TMDb, OMDb, etc

It is recommended that you install v1.3 from the repo fresh using the instructions below, especially if you don’t see the v1.3 update. If you do get the update, open up the settings, switch to Civitas Scrapers in the providers area, and then clear Providers and Cache history.

December 31st: The 13 Clowns Kodi addon has been updated to v1.2.9:

  • Rearrange menus for my liking (template)
  • Added artwork
  • Added 50s, 60s, 70s. movie links
  • Added Car Movies to Box Collections
  • Added Superheroes to Box Collections
  • Added Monthly Spotlight Actor/Actress/Movie/etc (changing monthly)
  • Added 13 Clowns Random Favorite movies
  • User choice of Lambda or Global Scrapers
    • Change from main menu, then clear providers after changing
    • Note: torrent support is not for 13 Clowns. It’s in LambdaScrapers and may or may not work but as of now too risky.
  • Fixed Fitness/Kids Corner/etc
  • Updated wizard in preparation for Kodi 18
  • Added Youtube sections with many areas.

December 2nd: The 13 Clowns Kodi addon has been updated to v1.2.2 with the following additions:

  • Added Channels
  • Added Boxsets
  • Fixed pre-emptive termination

Previously, the 13 Clowns Kodi addon added the following features:

  • Kodi 18 fixes
  • Ensure Lambdascrapers is default
  • Added documentaries
  • Icon change
  • Fix ‘In Theatres’ section
  • Fix link to providers
  • Changed “Information and News” section to “No Stream HELP”
  • Added credits section
  • Turned off trailers by default

The addon uses the Incursion code base (The Incursion fork comes from the original Exodus addon) with LambdaScrapers integrated into the addon. There are some “tweaks” made but those specifics were not posted.

Interested in checking out the addon? Instructions are below!

If you are having trouble getting the addon to work, check out our troubleshooting tips underneath the install guide.

How to Install 13 Clowns Kodi Add-on

Standard Method

ON Kodi 17 Krypton & 18 Leia Only: From the main menu, navigate to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Turn On Unknown Sources > Click Yes.

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like .13. and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > .13 > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Select Install from Repository > 13 Clowns Repo > Video Add-ons > 13 Clowns Video > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

13 Clowns Kodi No Streams Available Fix

If you are seeing a fast “No Stream Available” when clicking on any title. follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Settings: Providers.
  2. Under the Providers tab, make sure the Scraper Provider is set to Civitas Scrapers.
  3. Click on Open Civitas Scrapers Settings
  4. Make sure the Choose Module Scraper option is set to Civitasscrapers.
  5. Click okay
  6. Follow steps 1-5 above one more time to make sure that your settings have been locked in.

You should see working streams with the 13 Clowns Kodi addon!

How to Authorize Trakt in 13 Clowns

If you are a Trakt user and store your movies and TV data in that service, you can sync your account by launching Exodus Redux and going to Tools > Authorize Trakt. Follow the prompts on the screen to sync your account accordingly.

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