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  1. Open website.
  2. Log into My Account.
  3. Select Orders.
  4. Search for your order and Select License Manage.
  5. Your license key should be displayed as a 4 characters key.

Note: A license key is valid for one device. It must be deactivated first before pairing it with another device.

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  • Amurphy6610 says:
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    this is complete bullshit , I have tried this on my phone and my computer and there is no license manage option in my order and on top of that I have emailed there technical support twice and got ignored both times. after paying 145 for a device that I had heard was great and always kept updated that’s why you pay them for this and a week later I needed to delete kodi and was giving instructions on how to reinstall (which should be done by them) but I let it go but before I followed instructions I needed to no my license key and well apparently they don’t want to respond back to me and these instructions are complete bullshit because there is no license manage in my orders.

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